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Sober AF Entertainment has been fulfilling the desperate need to create sober safe zones at music festivals, concerts, and major sporting events across the nation, for individuals not just in recovery but for others looking to have fun without being surrounded by drinking and drugs.

Sober AF Entertainment acts as a voice for the sober community by creating safe spaces in fun places! Through education and outreach, we are building a community to lead a sober revolution to create a place in society for sober culture.

What to Expect

The administrative is a fast-paced startup environment, giving interns exposure to a range of job-transferable skills and experiences such as Nonprofit Administration, Communications & Marketing, Graphic Design, Business Development, Fundraising, Media, Event Management, Peer Support, and much more!

Each position will be crafted according to the applicant’s interests and existing skillsets. All individuals will learn the ins and outs of running a nonprofit startup while working with a passionate and dedicated staff of revolutionaries, recovery advocates, and music industry professionals.

Positions are not currently paid, but internships have the potential for college credits depending on your institution’s policy.

Current Positions We Are Looking For

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Digital Marketing Internship

This Digital Marketing Associate will work closely with the Executive Director, Marketing Committee, and Fundraising Committee chair.

The role will support new and existing initiatives to raise funds, engage and steward Sober AF Entertainment members and communities, as well as support website administration.

The position will be closely involved with a broad spectrum of SAFE’s work in digital fundraising and digital campaigns, including Social media, email marketing, SMS, data and analytics, conversion rate optimization, and website updates and administration.

– Support new and existing initiatives, to raise funds digitally, drive acquisition and membership, engage and steward constituents and community, promote events, as well as support website administration

– Effectively provides digital fundraising support, working across a breadth of digital fundraising activities

Also, a major digital agency has proposed an engagement working with SAFE on a pro bono campaign. This person will help project manage the engagement, provide help with creative asset creation and digital advertising where needed.