Our Story

I got sober in 1989 and at six weeks sober went to see my favorite band, the Grateful Dead. I had seen them 15 times while I was using drugs and drinking. This time was different, and I felt awkward and I felt like I did not fit in. I was with old friends and they were kind in letting me hang with them, but I was now the odd man out. I somehow found a sober support group called The Wharf Rats. They held check in meetings at the intermission of the concert. It was enough to know I was not the only one at the show who was choosing not to drink or get high.

Now I go to music festivals and wonder if there is a sober support group there. We have done the looking and found which groups and festivals have sober support groups, sober camping areas and have check in meetings. We have found other sober support groups hosting sober tailgates at sporting events. I understand how important it is to have community and to know that I can still have fun with other people who have decided to have fun and not get drunk or high.

Creating Fun in Sobriety

I have a 20 year and 17 year old children. I don’t want them getting drunk or high. I want them the have fun and enjoy concerts, sporting events and life with friends. There is little support for people wanting to enjoy concerts and sporting events in a sober environment. We are engaging a community that wants to go to these non-traditional sober areas and support each other to have a great time. There is no money in abstinence, so there is little sponsorship for this cause. It is our job to make the request for the space, discounted tickets, and promotion of our community. Join us as we sobriety fun as F!
-Duke Rumely, Founder

Our Voice

Planning Sober, Safe Events

CBS Denver does a piece on Sober AF Entertainment. The group hopes to provide options for those who don’t drink or get high. Creating Safe Spaces in Fun Places. Sober Sections are becoming a part of all events.

Building a Culture of Sober Fun

Sober A.F. facilitates and oversees fun tailgating opportunities at events like concerts and sporting events for individuals, couples, families, young adults, kids, etc. to connect and build community in a sober and inclusive environment.

Check out more of the incredible events that we are going to be at on our Calendar Page!

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